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Alphamix Tablet

Alphamix Tablet

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MRP: 107

90.95 (15% off for purchase above 1000/-)

Composition of Alphamix Tablet:

Methylcobalamin 750mcg + Pregabalin 75mg

Uses of Alphamix Tablet:

Neuropathic pain

Delivery Status
10 Tablets / Strip

Substitutes for Alphamix Tablet

*Order substitutes only on doctor's approval
Neutron OD Tablet

Pregalin M 75 mg Capsule

Pregeb M 75 mg Capsule

Prelin M 75 mg Capsule

Maxgalin M 75 mg Capsule

Neurica M 75 mg Capsule

Nervmax 75 mg Capsule

Neugaba M 75 mg Tablet

Pregaba Plus Tablet

Pregamet 75 mg Tablet

Preneurolin Plus Tablet

Prelogic Capsule

Metneurobion P Capsule
Miol P Tablet

Revlin M mg Capsule

Pregalin X 75 Tablet

Mahagaba M 75 mg Tablet

Renerve P Tablet

Vibrania P Capsule
Neurokem M Capsule

Mymi Plus Tablet

Complete B 12 Plus Tablet
Pregadoc M 75 Capsule

Pbren M 75 mg Capsule

Pregabanyl Capsule
Mecoblend P SR Tablet

Neuroprime PG Capsule