Alograce Cream 50 gm

Alograce Cream 50 gm

Mankind Pharma Ltd

MRP: ₹ 150

Price: ₹ 127.5 (Upto 15% off)

Uses of Alograce Cream 50 gm:

Alograce cream is a best suited moisturizing cream for dry skin, to reduce scars dark spots and marks. Alograce cream contains Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Honey Extract, and Tea Tree Oil. It lightens the marks caused due to environmental changes, dust & dirt caused by pollution. In gradually reduces the marks with regular use. Aloe Vera rehydrates skin & enhances its moisture retention capacity.Wheat germ oil rich in natural vitamin E, moisturizes the skin and protects skin from dehydration, keeping it soft and supple.Honey Extract nourishes and protects the skin from dryness and wrinkles.Tea tree oil is a good cure for dry skin. It makes skin feeling soft, supple and glowing. Direction for use :Apply the cream after washing your face or after bath as required on the affected area. Use regularly for better results. Use under medical supervision

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