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Adgril A Tablet

Adgril A Tablet

Aretaeus Pharmaceuticals

MRP: 29

24.65 (15% off for purchase above 1000/-)

Composition of Adgril A Tablet:

Aspirin / Acetylsalicylic acid 75mg + Clopidogrel 75mg

Uses of Adgril A Tablet:

Heart attack prevention

Delivery Status
10 Tablets / Strip

Substitutes for Adgril A Tablet

*Order substitutes only on doctor's approval
Dospin 75 mg Tablet
Clopivas AP 75 mg Tablet

Preva AS 150 Tablet

Clavix AS 75 mg Tablet

Stromix A 75 Capsule
Deplatt A 75 mg Tablet

Cloflow Plus 75/75 mg Tablet

Clopitab A 75 mg Tablet

Ceruvin A Tablet

Clotnil A Tablet

Clopilet A 75 mg Capsule

Clopikind AS 75 mg Tablet

Clopisim 75 mg Tablet

Clopicard AP 75 mg Tablet
Plaxia A 75 mg Capsule