Actrapid HM Penfill

Actrapid HM Penfill

Novo Nordisk India Pvt Ltd

MRP: ₹ 319

₹ 293.48 (8%)

Composition of Actrapid HM Penfill:

Human Insulin / Soluble Insulin 100IU

Uses of Actrapid HM Penfill:


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Substitutes for Actrapid HM Penfill

*Order substitutes only on doctor's approval
Huminsulin R Cartridge

Wosulin R Disposable PEN 3 ml

Insugen R Refill Cartridge

Insuman Rapid 100IU Cartridge 3 ml

Insugen 30/70 100IU Injection

Actrapid Flexpen

Huminsulin R 100 IU Injection