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Acedip Tablet

Acedip Tablet

RPG Life Sciences Ltd

MRP: 78.55

66.77 (15% off for purchase above 1000/-)

Composition of Acedip Tablet:

Amlodipine 5mg + Lisinopril 5mg

Uses of Acedip Tablet:

High blood pressure

10 Tablets / Strip

Substitutes for Acedip Tablet

*Order substitutes only on doctor's approval
Amtas LP Tablet

Amloz L Tablet

Amlodac L Tablet
Amlovas L Tablet

Amlace Tablet

Hipril A Tablet

Amlopres L Tablet

Amchek L Tablet
Lipril AM Tablet

Amlosafe LS 5/5 Tablet

Calchek L 5 mg Tablet