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AF TER Cream

AF TER Cream

Palsons Derma

MRP: 70

Price: 59.5 (Upto 15% off for purchase above 1000/-)

Composition of AF TER Cream:

Terbinafine 1% w/w

Uses of AF TER Cream:

Fungal skin infections

Substitutes for AF TER Cream

*Order substitutes only on doctor's approval
Sebifin Cream 15 gm

Zimig Cream 10 gm

Terbest Cream 15 gm

Terbikem Cream

Tyza Cream 1% 10 gm
Terbicip Cream 10 gm

Teraderm 10 gm Cream

Trfy Cream

Terbinaforce Cream

Erbimesh 15 gm Ointment

Terbinator Cream 10 GRM
Gris OD T Cream 10 gm

Ifin Cream 10 gm

Terbitotal Cream

Fungotek Cream 10 gm
Topcos Cream 15 gm
Topcos Cream 30 gm